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to Beaver Valley

“What do I need to know that for?”, was one of Rich Fletcher’s first introductions to his now business partner Mark Brown. Sitting in one of Fletcher’s mathematics classes at the local secondary school, this energetic, overly expressive, no-nonsense 14-year-old, continued to force Fletcher to reflect on his teaching practices by asking questions regarding the value of the content he was delivering to his students. From those early days, Mark Brown and Rich Fletcher forged a friendship by challenging themselves racing mountain bikes and participating in long distance nordic ski marathons.

Beaver Valley Maple has become renowned for producing the highest quality maple syrup available anywhere. The unique location of their forests on the Niagara Escarpment, coupled with a commitment to the highest standards in bush and sugar shack practices, create a syrup that is not replicated in any other brand.


Shop our range of 100% organic and authentic Canadian Maple Syrup or hone in on your desired tasting notes and piece together your very own bespoke tasters selection box.

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